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Energy safety is founded by Kurt Vollmacher
Kurt has a long history of safety
Graduated as vehicle technician and fire officer/prevention engineer.
He has been the architex/project leader of the ISO 17840  worldwide standard for 
responder safety information 
He has done several incident investigations and worked together with various worldwide manufactures





  • Expert at NBN

  • Expert at ISO 17840 SC 36 WG7

  • Creator and co- project leader of the ISO 17840 Information for first and second responder standard

  • Co- project  leader project worlwide uniform information for first and second responders

  • Cooperation with Lodz University of Technology

  • Member World Rescue Organisation's Technical Rescue Advisor Board

  • Member of the SAE first and second task force

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Nigel Blumire 


I have known Kurt for many years and he is a dedicated advocate for firefighter safety especially where alternative fuels are concerned. He is passionate about this topic and provides his expertise to the community through work on ISO17840


Paul Christensen

Founding Director Lithiumionsafety Ltd ConsultancyFounding Director Lithiumionsafety Ltd Consultancy

Kurt is extremely dedicated to fire safety and keeping first responders safe, a mission we both share. His work is extremely highly regarded across the world, and especially that on the SO ready Rescue Sheet and ERG assessments. His continued dedication to to the labelling of electric vehicles is altruistic and laudable, given the increasing importance of this. His report on the Drogenbos BESS fire, one of the earliest incidents, is measured, logical and extremely informative. He is an inexhaustible source of information and always ready to help.

The "Position at the time" drop down has limited options-I have no relationship with Kurt apart from courtesy and respect.

Madan GopaL

·Sr. Staff Homologation Engineer at Tesla

It was a great pleasure to know and collaborate Kurt as a part of our Tertiary Safety Systems Development, specifically on the ISO ready Rescue Sheet and ERG assessments. He is passionate about the subject of safety and very open and generous with his time and knowledge specially with his experience as a firefighter to help assist in the fire-safety of our EVs.
Wishing him all the best in his endeavors!


Anita Fiorentino

University Partnership Manager at Stelantis

I am very happy to collaborate with Kurt often. We also pursue the same dream from different points of view: to ensure safety and save lives. We worked together in the ISO group on tertiary safety, for the standardization of information to the fire brigade. We have an ongoing exchange of information, to ensure that FCA vehicle rescue sheets are easily understandable for firefighters. While this is my personal opinion, Kurt is a pillar of tertiary security and it is a pleasure to work with him on these challenging issues.

Marco Aimo Boot

Electrification Technologies Manager presso Iveco Group​​​

I have the pleasure to collaborate frequently with Kurt. He is a very skilful and passionate expert on Tertiary Safety. He have supported me in the Rescue Sheet and ERG assessment for several Iveco products. He has innovative idea and a great vision to improve the vehicle rescue and fire extinguishing .

Todd Mackintosh

Engineering Technical Lead / Technical Specialist - Battery Systems at General Motors Fellow-SAE​​​

I had the pleasure to collaborate with Kurt Vollmacher over the last few years while chairing the SAE Hybrid and EV 1st and 2nd Responder Task Force. His passion and determination to improve the safety of responders when dealing with alternative fueled vehicles was instrumental to our task force as we published recommendations J2990, J2990/2, J3108. He was also active with ISO where again thanks to his persistence several standards were published complimenting the work of our SAE task force.

Kurt’s key traits are passion and persistence mixed with patience. Step by step was our motto. Without Kurt and his vision, we may not have many of the standards and recommendations for emergency responders that exist today. I look forward to future opportunities to collaborate with Kurt and wish him well. 

Roman Sykora

Senior Officer bei Professional Fire Department Vienna​​

I have worked together with Kurt Vollmacher on the development of the ISO 17840 standards. He is someone that never gives up until the task is accomplished.
The worldwide fire fighter community will benefit to have these standards.

Shan Raffel

Experienced front line Fire Officer with extensive international training experience in strategic and tactical fire and rescue operations​​

Kurt Vollmacher has an in-depth knowledge in the field of alternative energy systems in transport and energy storage in structures. He is very dedicated to developing emergency response guides to help firefighters deal with the hazards likely to be encountered during fire and rescue operations. His dedication to ensuring the safe and effective response to the emerging hazards is evidence by his involvement in a wide range of local and international stake holder groups. It is excellent to see the increasing use of these technologies, as It is clear we need to move away from our reliance on fossil fuels. It is also reassuring that we have people like Kurt, who are focused on ensuring our firefighters have the education and skills required to respond safely and efficiently. Most of all I am impressed with his desire to share knowledge and to stay on the leading edge of these technologie

Dick Arentsen

Fire-,safety-,radiation- and hazmat engineer/expert bij Brandweer in Nederland

Kurt heb ik ervaren als een expert op het gebied van alternatieve energie in de energie-transitie ten voordele van de brandweer wereldwijd 


As a small child, I lived in a street where eight firefighters also had their homes. At the age of five, I went with them to the fire station. I got my own uniform and was allowed to ride along on Saturdays when maintenance was done on the fire engines.

Furthermore, I continued my schooling as a vehicle technician and after my military service,

I became a volunteer at the fire brigade.

I went through several firefighter training courses, from fire officer to fire prevention engineer.

At the age of 40, I was able to turn my hobby as

a volunteer into a professional firefighter and I have always continued to study vehicle technology.

Ten years ago, I noticed that there was a lack of good information for the fire service regarding new energy sources.

We should also not forget that the majority of first responders work in addition to their main job. The technological (r)evolution is going so fast, many of the responders are no longer on the information train…

This does not benefit the safety of us all. We must not get into an information vacuum!

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